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Overlander Built Beyond.

Overlander is a leading manufacturer of equine transport bringing you a build that provides the highest standard of transport.

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Horse Boxes

Your Number One Equine Transport Solution

Overlander is built upon years of comprehensive engineering, testing and cooperation. The true mission of the Overlander is to provide a safe, efficient mode of transport for horses to travel. Our designs, parts and build is top quality with top engineering behind the design and build.
At N7 Commercial Centre, we stock a variety of colours and spec and can provide you with contract hire, finance and short term hire. Our aim is to work with our customers to suit your equine transport needs.


Built Beyond

Built around the horse, Overlander is a leading manufacturer of equine vehicles bringing you a new standard of equestrian transport. Our designs, parts and materials are top quality with pioneering engineering supporting the build of each horsebox.

Built with a reinforced ramp, multi-layer front bulkhead system and reinforcements at every drill point provides the horsebox increased strength and durability. A light weight stall system is easy to use for loading and off-loading with a simple sliding mechanism and two locking pins.

Current Stock

Short Term Hire

As well as long-term contract hire, we can offer our customers short-term rentals. Whether you require a horsebox for a day, weekend or week we can facilitate short-term rentals. Our 2-stall horseboxes also come with a Type 2 approval certificate allowing you to travel abroad upon your request.


Frequently Asked questions

Curious about our commonly asked questions? Jump into our FAQ section for answers you need!

What are the main safety features?

Strength of the panels, durable floor system, lightweight ramp.

Do you do short-term hire?

Yes! As well as contract hire we can offer short term hire to our customers.

What is included in horsebox long term contract hire?

Long-term rental packages include annual tax, CVRT testing, servicing and support from our dedicated fleet department.

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Want to know more?

Interested in driving an Overlander? Check out our R240 models and the current stock available or contact us through the enquiry page!

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