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Contract Hire for Hassle-Free Driving

Flexible contract hire packages that allow your business to keep moving while we look after your fleet for you. Trust our dedicated staff to keep you driving while you worry about what is most important, your business.

Contract Hire

Contract Hire that keeps your business driving

Keeping your fleet moving without contract hire options that offer flexibility and convenience for your long term vehicle needs. From a single van to a full fleet, you can enjoy hassle-free driving for your business or personal use. Contract hire offers you a way to keep you on the road while we worry about your maintenance. Our team looks after the annual servicing, tax, CVRT and Vehicle Tracking. With contract hire comes a fixed cost with regular repayments and no extra expenses.

Finance Packages

Convenient finance packages

Don’t worry about a large down payment! Our flexible financing plans spread the cost of your van over time, making your monthly payments easier to manage. Want to be sure the van fits your needs? Our rent-to-buy program lets you experience the vehicle firsthand and break down the total cost into predictable monthly payments. Plus, you’ll lock in a fixed rate, avoiding surprises. At the end, you’ll have the option to own the van outright. It’s a smart way to get the van you need without a big upfront investment.


Frequently Asked questions

Curious about our commonly asked questions? Jump into our FAQ section for answers you need!

What is included in the contract hire rate?

The contract hire includes annual tax, cvrt testing and servicing.

Who owns the vehicle?

Ownership will remain with N7 Commercial Centre for the duration of the contract.

Who insures the vehicle?

Insurance is the responsibility of the customer, N7 commercial Centre does not take responsibility for insurance on vehicles.

What is the duration of the contract hire?

Contract hire periods can range from 12 to 60 months depending on the asset and customer needs.

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